About OME


OME means “two” in the Aztec language called Nahuatl

OME more than a duo, it is a concept. It is the creative world of composers, record producers, recording artists, writers and singers/songwriters Paola Treviño Todd & Rodrigo Garcia MZ.

Their musical creations are characterized by the combination of ethereal, ethnic and operatic voices, unusual vocal harmonies and powerful melodies along with electronic sounds, pre-Hispanic instruments, guitars, instruments of the world and orchestral elements more commonly associated with film music.

OME likes to utilize and combine all kinds of instruments and sounds and has worked with different genres of music in order to materialize their passions and release their creativity.

Paola and Rodrigo have been in the music industry for over 25 years. Met in 2000, married in 2001 and it was not until 2007 that they gave birth to OME.

This time, they embark on a journey that does not only have to do with music but with stories as well, in their latest creation Aztec Myths & Legends: A Narrated Concert by OME.

Aztec Myths & Legends: A Narrated Concert by OME is an exciting intimate performance where the listeners can travel back in time and get to know more closely the Aztec civilization, by getting acquainted with their myths and legends alongside a hint of history, storytelling, and epic music composed and performed by OME.

Music appeals, inspires, uplifts, stirs, and when combined with fantastic narration and wonderful stories, is unforgettable.

Welcome to OME World. A World Without Limits.