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I Am Alive

Release Date: March 5, 2014
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‘I Am Alive’ acoustic version captures the feeling of a soft yet powerful song that reminds us never to give up, no matter how hard everything may seem.

This is the acoustic version of the original ‘I Am Alive’ progressive trance version that was released with Vendace Records in collaboration with russian DJ producer Artem Dultsev.


I Am Alive

I Am Alive


I can’t deny

I remember every single lie

A broken mirror I’m inside

With you I felt so alive

I can’t seem to find my light…


I heard you say it was forever…

You made me feel it was forever…

Those painful wounds you left behind

Come tell me something…

Please tell me something…

Tell me how will I survive

Soul Seeking…

I am alive

With or without you I need to shine

And from the ashes I will rise

Cast the painful past aside

I believe I found my light…

By: Paola Treviño Todd / Rodrigo Garcia Morelos Z.